why do we have to choose to eat brown rice?

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Solving the answer, why do we have to choose to eat brown rice?

Solve the answer. Why do you have to choose to eat brown rice? …one of the homeopathic foods that many people think of as the first when thinking about having a name Brown rice, a healthy food, definitely comes with it. Because Ajarn Satis Intarakamhang, Cheewajit Guru, always insists on eating unpolished flour. Because white flour causes the body to lack many vitamins. and causing various kinds of diseases .

This brown rice includes man pu rice, coarse rice and red rice because all types of rice mentioned have one important point in common. It is rice that only has the husk removed. This makes the nutrients contained in the rice grain not polished off with rice, thus maintaining the full value for the body. Ajarn Satis used to tell about the benefits of brown rice in many ways as follows.

First, brown rice contains many nutrients that are essential to the body. And if you observe carefully, you will find that at one end of the rice grain there will be a part that is quite dark in color with cracks. That’s the germ. The best part for the body Because it is full of vitamins, minerals and DNA / RNA that will help build good cells in the body. ufabet https://ufabet999.com/

In addition to the nutrients in the germ There are many other vitamins, including vitamin B1, B6, B5, which are nerve nourishing vitamins. Vitamin E, a good oil, lowers cholesterol and protects against heart disease. And folic acid that nourishes the blood. The important thing is that rice has good fiber. Helps absorb water in the colon and helps waste move from the colon better.

But even though rice is very useful, however. Many people still complain that rice is not delicious because the taste is not familiar to the tongue. And some people say that brown rice is hard and difficult to eat.