Benfica bless Enzo to go to Chelsea.

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Enzo Fernandez the midfielder red label Chelsea. Although in the past received only bricks from Benfica personnel. But at least there is good encouragement from alumnus Bernardo Silva who is currently under Manchester City to help. Wishing you a prosperous future in the English Premier League.

Fernandez played only the first half of the 2022-23 season for the Lisbon Falcons. But because of his stellar performances at the Qatar World Cup helping Argentina win the World Cup. The Blues surpassed the release clause. A contract of 121 million euros (about 108 million pounds) surrendered to work in time for the deadline. 

Asked for opinions, Bernardo tried to understand all parties. Including Benfica, who couldn’t find a replacement in time. Or a player who wants to face challenges in the dream league 

As an alumnus, he sent his wishes to Estadio da Luz to maintain the Portuguese Liga leadership position throughout. While Enzo wanted to see a smooth transition to the new league.

” It’s a normal situation in the football world. ” opening his mouth to ‘ Eleven Sports ‘ .

“ From what I understand, Benfica tried to keep the players but failed. Which resulted in them having to change their plans to be different . 

“ Still believe the ‘ Lisbon Falcon ‘ can continue to operate .” UFABET 

“ For Enzo, following his dreams , which I would like to send my best wishes to. ” 

“ He is a player who came to help Benfica even for a short time. but very influential From now on, let’s go tomorrow. ” 

Enzo holds the record for the most expensive inbound player in UK history. By waiting for the next game that Chelsea meets West Ham (February 11)