Bordalas doesn’t disagree with Paul’s decision to hire Greenwood.

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Mason Greenwood walked off the pitch in anger after having an angry outburst at the referee and was ejected. But both Getafe trainers and players disagree with Jorge Figueroa Vazquez’s decision football.

Getafe coach Jose Bordalas disagrees with Jorge Figueroa Vazquez. After the 43-year-old kicked England attacker Mason Greenwood off the field in the defeat. They lost to Rayo Vallecano 0-2 on Tuesday. ทางเข้า UFABET According to a report from Marca last Wednesday.

Figueroa Vazquez was the first to take Juanmi Lataza off the field in the 40th minute after receiving a yellow card. Before the 43-year-old Black Shirt fired Greenwood in the 50th minute. After the English attacker was upset that the referee didn’t call a foul after being kicked twice in a row by an opponent. Resulting in the 22-year-old being ejected from the game. 

Figueroa Vazquez’s report states that.

Greenwood was sent off after the player shouted ‘F*** off’ after the referee did not give him a foul. While friend Juan Iglesias. The team confirmed that no one could prove that the English forward had done that. While Bordalas did not agree with the black shirt’s decision as well.

‘He doesn’t speak Spanish that well. He told me he said ‘No me jodas’ (don’t eat my liver). And He (the referee) didn’t blow his whistle because of the foul that was committed on him from just a few meters away. He’s just irritated. He didn’t look down on anyone. It was a comment that said, ‘No, I can’t believe it. You didn’t give that.’ I just thought it was all so exaggerated. And everything is awesome. Even firing Lataza’ 

The incident has also been compared to Jude Bellingham expressing his dissatisfaction with the performance of referee Pablo Gonzalez Fuertes, saying the words ‘F*** you’. ‘ several times during the 2-0 win over Granada. But Real Madrid’s English midfielder was not punished.