Dunk reveals Brighton didn’t take Caicedo over Arsenal.

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Brighton captain Luis Dunk showed leadership qualities. As he welcomed midfielder Moises Caicedo into his dressing room again. After the face asked to register move out to join Arsenal. The last round of the market failed.

Caicedo pleaded with the club’s management and owners to sell him to the Gunners for £70m. But was rejected as a replacement could not be found. Of course the 21-carat footballer lost his self. Plus, there’s a worry that you might not be able to look at your teammate’s face. Brighton

However, Dunk as the leader of the team is ready to give the poor children a chance UFABET. Who want to create wealth for the family until the memory cannot be kept Just from now on. Focus on producing professional results. Everyone is ready to join the crowd as before.

“Younger is still immature. And we cared about him.” Dunk told ‘The Athletic FC’.

“He’s a nice guy. As for the pace, it’s an amazing player. Who knows how long Moises will be with us? Of course, very pleased to be able to work together at least until the end of the 2022-23 season. Hopefully helping each other longer.” 

“I think this is the clear position of the club. We have to stay firm.” 

“Seriously, the team sells players to a very big camp around the past several years. But I also see it as a good example of how much we want to keep Caicedo and that’s the right thing to do as well. 

The last game that slashed Bournemouth 1-0, Caiseido came to the reserve in the last half hour to help grind until scoring a goal from Kaoru Mitoma in the 87th  minute.