How to play Omaha poker: key similarities and differences with Texas Holdem.

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Omaha poker is one of the most popular online poker variants besides Texas Holdem poker. And it’s a community card game, just like the game name for the Lone Star State. 


  • Community cards and hole cards. Both forms of poker make use of five community cards. That players use along with their hole cards to make up the best possible hand.
  • Order of betting and community card dealing. Both forms of poker include rounds of betting before and after the flop. (when the first three community cards are dealt). The turn (when the fourth is dealt) and the river (when the fifth is dealt) before ending on a showdown if necessary.


  • Number of hole cards. In most forms of Omaha poker players are dealt four hole cards. Twice as many as they receive in Texas Holdem poker.
  • Make-up of the best hand. In Omaha poker the player’s best hand must consist of two of their hole cards. And three of the community cards. In Texas Holdem a player can make up their best hand with two, one or none of their hole cards in combination with the community cards.

Managing the impression you give other players of the quality of your hand is vital. If you wish to win a hand. As maximise the potential for winnings of a good hand means convincing other players to keep betting.